Pharmacy technician – a fulfilling career

What are the Requirements to Become a Pharmacy Technician?
What is a Pharmacy Technician?
A pharmacy technician is an individual who, under the guidance of a licensed pharmacist, performs various tasks and duties within a pharmaceutical setting. Those who choose to seek employment as pharmacy technicians are compassionate health care professionals, who are dedicated to helping others.

What Does a Pharmacy Technician do?
Pharmacy technicians usually find employment at retail pharmacies, as well as in hospitals and nursing homes. They are given the task of dispensing medications to patients, as well as answering related questions, which patients may have. Because these individuals work with pharmaceuticals, they are required to demonstrate a profound amount of competency, as well as possess an ability to pay close attention to detail. Pharmacy technicians are entrusted to maintain direct contact with physicians, insurance companies, as well as patients.

pharmacy_technicianDue to a nationwide shortage of licensed pharmacists, pharmacy technicians are playing larger roles in this field than ever before. Most pharmacies will have no more than one pharmacist on shift, with as many as three to four technicians assisting in the completion of various tasks. Becoming a pharmacy technician is often a great way for an individual to receive extensive hands on experience in the field of medicine, especially if one is considering to apply to pharmacy school.
Occupations within the field of health care and other related areas, are expected to maintain higher than average job growth over the next decade. For pharmacy technicians, the field is expected to show a 32% increase in the amount of job opportunities, from 2010 to 2020. Most individuals in this field will gain full time employment, though there are part time opportunities which are also available.

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Due to the high level of responsibility entrusted to pharmacy technicians, most states require a minimum age of 18 to be eligible for employment in this field. Competition is high in many areas in the country, and most places of employment will conduct extensive interviews, as well as background checks, prior to hiring an individual for this position. Some high schools provide pharmacy technician programs, which offer extensive training and hands on experience for those who possess an interest in pursuing a career in pharmacy. In order to remain competitive in this field, an individual should consider enrolling in an accredited pharmacy tech program, which usually take about a year to complete. By enrolling in an accredited program, as well as passing a licensing exam, it is possible to obtain higher wages, as well as possess credentials which validate one’s level of reliability and competency.

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